Dave Rushton

I see some signs that the momentum is starting to build for whatever moral, legal action may be necessary to unite the progressive centre-left parties and voters.

As one among a growing number of Canadians who are coming to the conclusion that we need to engage to avoid further erosion of the democratic Canada we love, I have noticed on the internet several complimentary campaigns and a growing chorus of arguments in favour of cooperation among them. Specifically Nick Fillmore (just google him) is promoting One Big Campaign.

On May 11th here in Ottawa I am attending a meeting of the Voices-Voix campaign (against the silencing of dissent) to argue for cross-campaign cooperation.

I think the best next step for Electoral Alliance and all of these complimentary campaigns is to inform ourselves about each other's groups and objectives and to come forward with proposals to identify common objectives and concrete actions to unite all progressives, individual voters and political parties to achieve them.

My proposal for a common objective: that the majority progressive vote is reflected in the next federal election result. I have so far seen two main ways to achieve that: one is to push for progressive political party collaboration prior to the election - that could be through uniting parties or collaborating to avoid splitting the progressive vote.to defeat Conservative Party candidates. A second is to promote strategic voting. This is necessary as a Plan B in case party collaboration doesn't work.

I look forward to evidence that ElectoralAlliance becomes a force for cooperation among progressives.