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September 10, 2015 town hall: summary - THREE CHEERS FOR MINORITY GOVERNMENT 

Co-hosts Canadian Electoral Alliance, top online casinos Just Earth & Fair Vote Toronto thank speakers Peter Russell, Sean Conway and Evelyn Gigantes & moderator Barbara Hall for spending the evening with us at Metro Hall.

"All three speakers at Thursday’s town hall ... agreed that minority government are better than majorities and they made the point with an engaging mix of facts, personal reflections and historical examples. Peter Russell reminded us that electors vote in not a government but a Parliament, then government takes shape from there. Many options are possible." Read the summary by Joyce Hall of Fair Vote Toronto & see more pictures

Sean Conway, Evelyn Gigantes, Wing Wo of Canadian Electoral Alliance, Peter Russell, Barbara Hall


Lynn McDonald of JustEarth, Peter Russell, Wing Wo, Joyce Hall & June MacDonald of Fair Vote Toronto

Canadian Electoral Alliance 

A group of people came together in 2011 after one political party formed a majority federal government with less than majority of votes - 40% of the votes generated more than 40% of the seats for one party in the House of Commons.  Since then, the current government lacks action on many important issues, including climate change & environmental policies.  

Canadian Electoral Alliance linked the lack of climate action to lack of cooperation between political parties, and the deficiency of our first-past-the-post (FPTP) electoral system.  FPTP system does not generate a government that represents the majority of Canadians.  The 2011 federal election demonstrated that the current government only represents 40% of Canadian voters.  

Canadian Electoral Alliance supports a change in electoral system to Proportional Representation, in particular Mixed Member Proportional (MMP), as recommended by the Law Commission of Canada.  This electoal system provides a proportional represenation in the House of Commons - if a party gets 40% of the votes, it gets 40% of the seats in the House of Common.  It encourages cross-party cooperation on deciding major issues that are important to Canadians.   

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