Law Commission report on electoral reform

Proportional representation for Canada, with a mixed member proportional system (MMP) is the main recommendation of the Law Commission of Canada, in a 2004 report, "Voting Counts."

There are 23 recommendations in total (see PDF), chief of which are for:

  • A mixed member proportional system (MMP), with two thirds of the MPs elected as usual with first-past-the-post, one third from provincial or territorial lists;
  • Voters would have two votes: one for the usual riding MP, one for the list; voters should have the option of voting for the list provided by the parties, or indicate a preference among candidates on the list.
  • Several recommendations require the parties to promote equal representation let of women, and greater representation of minorities and youth.
  • Consultation with First Nations, M├ętis and Inuit peoples is recommended to promote greater aboriginal representation.
  • After draft legislation is drawn up, there should be broad public consultation, with the possibility of a referendum.

The full report, together with rationale for the recommendations, and lots of background on MMP's use in other countries, is available online at