There is a palpable sense of distress across Canada, as Canadians see their country being dragged and bullied down a path they do not like to a future they do not recognize.

We borrow the land from our children

by Wing Wo

May 6, 2012

My parenting is again up to another challenge.

To start a fire, all we need is a spark. To start our children thinking, all we need is a small discussion. After our discussion about the various environmentally unfriendly policies and decisions set by our Harper Conservative government, my 10 year old son cannot stop thinking. He is asking, "After they have dug up all the oil from the oil sands and left the land polluted... What will happen to us?"

Dave Rushton

I see some signs that the momentum is starting to build for whatever moral, legal action may be necessary to unite the progressive centre-left parties and voters.

As one among a growing number of Canadians who are coming to the conclusion that we need to engage to avoid further erosion of the democratic Canada we love, I have noticed on the internet several complimentary campaigns and a growing chorus of arguments in favour of cooperation among them. Specifically Nick Fillmore (just google him) is promoting One Big Campaign.

Parenting is not easy in Canada when adults don't know how to co-operate

by Wing Wo

May 1, 2012

Wing Wo is a founding member of the Canadian Electoral Alliance and has been speaking to her son Nigel about Canadian politics - this is what she wrote about her experience:

Parenting is not easy. Parenting in Canada is even harder... much harder than it needs to be.

When Canada withdrew from the Kyoto Agreement, my ten year old asked me,“Why?” He wondered why Canada was not committed to doing its share of reducing the carbon emission.

Nick Fillmore

Dear Folks, thanks for posting a link to your site on my blog earlier today.

I also am involved with the Campaign to build One Big Campaign (CBOBC) on Facebook at: How about getting in touch we me/us so we will know who you are, what your plans are, and if there is any possibility of co-operation. You can email me at the address above. Thanks.

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