Who We Are

A number of groups have been forming across Canada, in response to the fact that only 39% of those who voted last spring (2011) elected a majority government. Some groups are focusing on electoral reform, some on cross-party cooperation, some on planning specifically for the 2015 election, while others see these strategies as means to the end of affecting government policies on environmental responsibility, social justice, arts and culture, and more.

In Toronto, Ontario, we come together and form the Canadian Electoral Alliance. We encourage cross-party cooperation for the 2015 election, and enacment of proportional representation at the earliest possible after that.  We promote proportional representation as the best way to achieve serious attention to climate change and other social justice issues supported by the broad mass (60%) of Canadian voters.

Founding members

  • Lynn McDonald, former MP and environment critic, professor emerita
  • John Bessai, Media strategist, professor of history, TV producer
  • Wing Wo, a citizen and parent concerned about Canada's democracy

Active members

  • Ellen Michelson, Green Party of Canada Candidate of Record, 2008 & 2011 general elections, Toronto Centre Green Shadow Cabinet, Peace & Security advocate
  • Peter Venton, BA MA (Economics) ,  Former economist and senior policy advisor in the Ministry of Finance in the Government of the Province of Ontario
  • Dorothy Goldin Rosenberg, MES, PhD, University of Toronto Lecturer, Environmental and Ecosystem Health, Volunteer Education Coordinator, Women's Healthy Environments Network (WHEN), Board member, Prevent Cancer Now , Member, Toronto Cancer Prevention Coalition Just Earth ( climate change), Film Producer, Toxic Trespass. Exposure:Environmental Links to Breast Cancer
  • Rose Dyson, Ed.D. completed her doctorate at OISE/UT in 1995. Her book, MIND ABUSE Media Violence in an Information Age followed in 2000. She has co-authored 5 other books, had countless peer reviewed papers, articles and book reviews published and is an active member of Just Earth. She is president of Canadians Concerned About Violence in Entertainment; Vice- President of the Canadian Peace Research Association and editor of The Learning Edge
  • Susan Laffler-Fraser, a retired social worker, primarily in the health care field
  • David Gamble, a retired high school teacher who has been department head and acting vice-principal in the school system, curriculum writer and group leader. He has contributed to activism in political campaigns and a collective bookstore, as well as being a leader in the Ottawa-Carleton Board of Education's Anti-Homophobic Action Committee for ten years.  He also involves in community amateur theatre and peace groups.
  • Jasmeet (Jay) Bains, Jay has a background in Economics and is currently studying Politics with a focus on Public Policy.  Jay is very involved within the community with grassroots initiatives including climate change and political reform as well as efforts towards eradicating homelessness and addressing poverty.  Jay also has a professional background in Business Analytics.