The Intelligent Voter’s Guide to Coalitions and Accords

The Intelligent Voter’s Guide to Coalitions and Accords

By Lynn McDonald


Proportional Representation and the Democratic Deficit in Canada

by Lynn McDonald - March 21, 2013

OUR QUAINT FIRST-PAST-THE-POST SYSTEM is the major cause of Canada’s democratic deficit, and fixing it will help address other gaps and distortions--on social justice, climate change and the environment.

The problem is obvious: a majority...

How to Get a Majority Government out of 60% of the Popular Vote

by Lynn McDonald (revised 29/03/2012)

We are at an impasse in federal politics: a majority Conservative government, rejected by 60.4% of Canadian voters, is pushing through its far-right agenda, measures it could not impose during its two previous minority governments.


Law Commission report on electoral reform

Proportional representation for Canada, with a mixed member proportional system (MMP) is the main recommendation of the Law Commission of Canada, in a 2004 report, "Voting Counts."

There are 23 recommendations in total (...

Political Parties and the Electoral Alliance

People who belong to a political party are encouraged to raise the issues of climate change, electoral alliance and proportional representation in their own party. The list below was circulated earlier in 2012 to candidates for the NDP leadership. A list for Liberals is being prepared.


The Political Impasse in Canada and the 60% Solution

THE POLITICAL IMPASSE IN FEDERAL POLITICS IS OBVIOUS: a majority Conservative government that 60% (actually 60.4%) of Canadians voted against. It’s the Conservatives’ third victory with under 40% of the popular vote. They are cocky now, with control of the Senate, as well, moving on measures...

Electoral Alliance Numbers, an Analysis of 2011 Returns

How would an electoral alliance have worked in the last election?

Vulnerable Conservative seats

The lists below show what Conservative ridings could have been won by various combinations of non-Conservative parties.

NDP + Liberal

The combination of NDP...

Why the opposition parties should cooperate in 2015

We are publishing this opinion piece on behalf of John Deverell to add to the discussion and debate around "next election" strategy.

Why the opposition parties should cooperate in 2015

by John Deverell*

If Canada is...