The Exposé Conference & Turnout Toronto

Turnout Toronto

Wed, Oct 22, 2014, 5:30 to 8:30pm
CSI Annex
720 Bathurst Street, Toronto, Ontario M5S 2R5

Canadian Electoral Alliance will be at this event!  Join us and get engaged!

5th Turnout Toronto - Check out on Facebook for details 

  • It's job fair meets civic engagement circus.
  • Want to get involved in our city but didn't know what the options were beyond volunteering for a political campaign?
  • It is a "live menu" of the options and pack a room with people who want to make this city great.

The Exposé Conference

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Sat, Nov 1,2014 , 9am to 2:30pm
Bahen Centre for Information Technology, 40 St. George St., Toronto, Ontario

Ideas for the World Exposé is a one day conference for high school students. The topic of sustainability is becoming increasingly prevalent - the state pf the world right now is not sufficient to sustain future generations. Climate change risks are augmenting at an unprecedented rate. Environmental disruption is posing a threat to our food security. Our political system is unable to confront these problems.

To solve these issues, we need radical ideas. These ideas need to change the way society is run and change our perspective on our very own roles in fighting for a sustainable future. How can our food choices save the world? How can we make our politicians more responsive to environmental damage. What is the role of sexism and discrimination in climate change? What cutting edge technologies are we developing and researching to combat our increasing amount of food and plastic waste?  Register now and explore the diverse amount of workshops we're offering that may change your perspective of sustainability.

Everyone who wants to attend the Ideas for the World Exposé must REGISTER HERE

Conference Schedule:
9:00 - Sign in
9:30 - Opening Remarks
10:00 - Workshop 1
11:00 - Workshop 2
12:00 - Lunch/Exhibition
1:00 - Screening of Cowspiracy
Conference ends at 2:30

The Workshops:
Meet Ben: Topic of Workshop: Anti-Oppression and Climate Activism: Why Climate Justice Needs Equity
Meet Wing: Another confirmed workshop leader who will be discussing the role of politics in combatting climate change
Meet Alice: Ever wonder how much garbage you throw out daily? Learn all about waste and the dire implications on it has on sustainability.
Meet Stephanie: You are what you eat; Learn all about the faults of our current system of food production and changes necessary in the future.

More details on Workshop and Conference

Mark Carney: most fossil fuel reserves can't be burned

The governor of the Bank of England has reiterated his warning that fossil fuel companies cannot burn all of their reserves if the world is to avoid catastrophic climate change, and called for investors to consider the long-term impacts of their decisions. MORE

French Climate Envoy Denied Meeting With Harper, Calls Mulcair An Ally 

The prime minister will not be meeting Mr. Hulot," Harper spokesman Jason MacDonald said in an email. "The prime minister meets or speaks with his counterparts when there are important issues to discuss."
Hulot wants to consult widely in the run-up to France hosting the next major international climate summit late next year, likely a month or two after the next Canadian general election. He's stressing the need for Canada to join the fight against climate change, which he said is clearly linked to human behaviour. MORE

Naomi Klein: “we are not who we were told we were”

I think another inspiring movement is the rise of renewable energy in Germany. That is a really important case study because this is a post-industrial, Western, large, very powerful economy, that in the past decade has made a dramatic shift towards renewable energy, primarily wind and solar.
But what’s really interesting about it, is that it is the small-scale, decentralized, cooperatively-owned aspect of the transition that is fastest-spreading, that has people most excited. That’s an important pattern. Energy democracy is a phrase more and more people are using to describe this sort of phenomenon, where it isn’t just about switching from fossil fuel to so-called green energy, it’s also a power shift in who owns and controls the source of the power, where the resources go. MORE

Chong’s Reform Act easily passes second reading 

An amended version of the Reform Act – a Conservative backbencher’s effort to rein in the authority of party leaders and hand more power to individual MPs – has passed a second reading in the House of Commons, a key step in its path to becoming law. MORE

It is just a year from the 2015 federal election!

It is like tomorrow!

Urge the party leaders Muclair, Trudeau and May to cooperate in this election to ensure the election of a government representing mainstream Canada and a change in electoral system - Proportional Representation!


Canadian Electoral Alliance is a volunteer group. The organization sprang from informal discussions after the last federal election resulted in a Harper Conservative majority with less than 40% of the popular vote. The “60% majority” now sees cherished institutions wrecked, environmental measures long in place eliminated, money spent on prison building (although the crime rate is  falling), among them.

Our members include members of three political parties along with many with no party affiliation. People of any political persuasion are welcome. The goal is basic electoral reform, to make every vote count, to revitalize Canadian democracy.

If you haven't already done so, sign our declaration at

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