Letter to Conservative MP Michael Chong who voted against Craig Scott's motion on Proportional Representation

December 21, 2014

Dear Mr. Chong,

First we wish to thank you for being present for the debate on the motion on Proportional Representation put forward by Craig Scott on December 3, 2014.

We are however disappointed in your vote against the Motion, given your strong commitment to electoral reform.

As pointed out by Mr. Scott, the system he is recommending is the one put forward by the Law Commission of Canada, whereby local constituency MPs would be elected exactly as they are now. Every voter would continue to have a local directly accountable MP.

It is the regional MPs that would create the balance of members in the House of Common - about one-third. This would ensure that the popular vote is adequately represented.  Everyone would get to vote twice - once for the MP of choice and once for the Party of choice.

Clearly, a misrepresentation of what is being proposed is in no one's best interest.


Canadian Electoral Alliance