Letter to Justin Trudeau re cooperation

April 17, 2015 In response to Justin Trudeau's comment on opposing forming a coalition, Canadian Electoral Alliance wrote a letter to him.

Dear Justin Trudeau,

We are very disappointed to hear that you oppose forming a coalition.  http://globalnews.ca/news/1940031/justin-trudeau-now-says-he-is-unequivocally-opposed-to-liberal-ndp-coalition/

Canadians are unsatisfied with the current government's gutting of environmental policies, inaction on climate change,  silencing of scientists, attack of Canada's democracy with the "Fair" Election Act, and the numerous omnibus bills.

Canadians have expressed the desire to have a new government that is not a Harper Conservative Government.   The crucial time is here with a federal election looming this fall!  Please put Canadians first and work together with the NDP and Green Party!  We ask you to reconsider the possibility of forming a one time alliance for this election for the purpose of preventing another Conservative majority government.  A coalition government promotes cooperation and it provides an environment for all parties to get our country moving in the right direction.  

Canadians will be grateful that you have shown tremendous leadership by taking this extraordinary step and move Canada forward!

Canadian Electoral Alliance