Letter to Liberal MPs who voted for Craig Scott's motion on Proportional Representation

January 6, 2015

Dear Liberal MPs,

We commend you for your support for the motion on Proportional Representation (PR) debated on December 3 2014, introduced by Craig Scott. We are supporters of PR, and particularly favour the MMP, Mixed Member Proportional, system recommended by the (Liberal appointed) Law Commission of Canada in its 2004 report, Voting Counts. We also think that this system is the one most likely to win adequate support in the public. It is widely used in European democracies and in elections for the European Parliament.

We are naturally disappointed that your leader, and many Liberal members, voted with the Conservatives against the motion. It was good to see that Liberals were free to vote as they wished.

We would encourage you to do whatever you can to promote understanding of PR, in your own ridings and in the House.  We think that  the objections raised can all be answered and we look forward to working with MPs to advance this needed reform.

Yours sincerely,

Canadian Electoral Alliance