Letter to three provincial party leaders on electoral alliance for action on climate change

May 16, 2014 - Email is sent to Kathleen Wynne of Liberal Party, Andrea Horwarth of NDP, and Mike Schreiner of Green Party

Dear Kathleen Wynne, Andrea Horwath, and Mike Schreiner,

We are concerned about the possible outcome of the coming provincial election and would like to offer some suggestions.

Our concern is that vote splitting between your parties will result in a Conservative Government that is not likely to take action on climate change.  

We encourage your parties to support each other in ridings where the Conservative Party is likely to win if there is vote splitting.   Together, you are the “majority” at Queen’s Park where you can work towards the best for all Ontarians.

We urge each of you to put the interests of the country above the advantage of individual political parties. We strongly encourage each of you to cooperate to the extent necessary in this provincial election to ensure the election of a government that represents the majority of voters, most of whom are concerned about environmental issues and who would like action to address climate change.

Yours sincerely,

Wing Wo for Canadian Electoral Alliance & JustEarth