From September 10 town hall to October 19 election day

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What to learn from September 10, 2015 town hall What If There Is A 3-Way Split? A Discussion on Coalitions & Accords


Co-hosts Canadian Electoral Alliance, Just Earth & Fair Vote Toronto thank speakers Peter Russell, Sean Conway and Evelyn Gigantes & moderator Barbara Hall for spending the evening with us at Metro Hall.

Special thanks to volunteers Wing of Canadian Electoral Alliance, Lynn of JustEarth, June and Joyce of Fair Vote Toronto, Frank, Kin, Raymond & Susan. 

"All three speakers at Thursday’s town hall, Peter Russell, Sean Conway & Evelyn Gigantes, agreed that minority government are better than majorities and they made the point with an engaging mix of facts, personal reflections and historical examples. Peter Russell reminded us that electors vote in not a government but a Parliament, then government takes shape from there. Many options are possible." Read the summary THREE CHEERS FOR MINORITY GOVERNMENT by Joyce Hall of Fair Vote Toronto & see more pictures.

Listen to Peter Russel at the town hall about

  • What is possible under the Constitution? What is an accord & coalition?
  • What precedents have we seen in Canada?
  • What is his idea for a possible coalition/accord structure post-election?

Learn more about minority government

Minority government, coalition, accord - all these are reality for this coming federal election. 

Political party leaders should be talking to each other and get ready for a possible co-governance after the federal election!

Talk to your local candidates about cooperation among parties and options on shared power in the next government.

Two Cheers for Minority Government

Just like Peter Russell's book Two Cheers for Minority Government, audience at the town hall felt that cooperation among parties is not only possible but desirable.

Get this book and learn more about minority government. 

Canadian Electoral Alliance is a volunteer group. The organization sprang from informal discussions after the last federal election resulted in a Harper Conservative majority with less than 40% of the popular vote. The “60% majority” now sees cherished institutions wrecked, environmental measures long in place eliminated, money spent on prison building (although the crime rate is  falling), among them.

Our members include members of three political parties along with many with no party affiliation. People of any political persuasion are welcome. The goal is basic electoral reform, to make every vote count, to revitalize Canadian democracy.

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