National Town Hall on Climate Change with students from 7 universities

Federal Pre-Election Town Hall on Climate Change

Monday March 2, 2015 6-8pm (Eastern Standard Time)

Fitzgerald Building RM103, 150 College St., University of Toronto, St. George Campus


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A coalition of over 38 organizations across Canada including university departments, student organizations and environmental and democracy action groups are calling on the federal parties to state their positions on climate change.

NDP MP Matthew Kellway, Green Party Leader Elizabeth May, and Liberal Party Environment Critic Hon. John McKay will attend in person.

The new, young voters will be asking how a government by each party would do better at tackling climate change than a government of either of the other parties. It is expected that questions will be fielded on specifics such as carbon pricing, regulations, government procurement policies and other means parties may have explored in their policy discussions. Each party representative will make an initial statement before taking questions by students and attendees.

University campuses across the country will be linked to the live Toronto location via Skype so that attendees can, through local hosts, ask the parties questions. Campuses participating in the Skype discussion include York University, McGill University, University of Montreal, University of British Columbia, University of Calgary, and Dalhousie University. The event will also be live streamed.

More details on speakers and event HERE

Climate Impact Network
University of Toronto Department of Political Science
University of Toronto School of the Environment

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Fairvote – webinar on Proportional Representation



Webinar ID: 110-966-219

Where do the parties stand on making every vote count? Join us for a live and interactive town hall conversation about how we can Make 2015 the Last Unfair Election.

Craig Scott, MP, NDP Democratic Reform Critic; Scott Simms, MP, Liberal Democratic Reform Critic; Bruce Hyer, Deputy Leader, Green Party of Canada, Democratic Reform Critic

Professor Dennis Pilon, Canadian Electoral Reform Expert, Author of "The Politics of Voting: Reforming Canada's Electoral System" and "Wrestling with Democracy"

Kelly Carmichael, Executive Director, Fair Vote Canada

We must elect 170 MPs who will vote YES to implementing Proportional Representation in time for the 2019 election. We are closer to that cross-party consensus than ever before.


Climate change and us 

These two pieces are contributed by Canadian Electoral Alliance active member Rose Dyson
Digital Challenges in Addressing Climate Change

Book Review - THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING: Capitalism vs the Climate

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Four reasons Harper's new anti-terrorist legislation will alarm you

1. CSIS with new intrusive powers will have more than "Jihadists" in its sights
2. New legislation would give CSIS the power to engage in "dirty tricks"
3. Parliament will not oversee or supervise a beefed-up CSIS
4. Proposed legislation makes it a crime to express some vaguely defined views
Take the case of environmental activists who vigorously argue that the exploitation of tar sands bitumen is, in a variety of ways, a blight on the environment.  Could the police deem that by implicitly encouraging others to, in some way or other, sabotage tar sands operations those activists might be "promoting terrorist acts?"

Oil prices putting Ottawa on path to deficit, budget watchdog says

Op-Ed: Harper’s economic index: an 8-year report card

•Estimated amount spent on taxpayer-funded advertisements since 2009 touting the “Economic Action Plan” and the government’s economic record : $113,000,000

A Defiant Obama Asserts Climate Agenda With Firmness and Mockery

'I will not let this Congress endanger the health of our children by turning back the clock on our efforts.'

Leadnow Vote together, move Canada forward

2015 federal election is around the corner.  Leadnow is running a campaign and focusing on 15 ridings across Canada.   Local volunteers are working together to make this campaign successful.  Sign the pledge and join the local team! Find out MORE!

While a majority want change, vote splitting could let Harper win again - unless we vote together. If we all pledge to vote together on election day we can build a huge movement to defeat the Harper Conservatives - and move Canada forward with real progress for our democracy, environment and economy.

Sign the Pledge "I pledge to vote with people across Canada to defeat the Harper Conservatives and move Canada forward"

Canadian Electoral Alliance is a volunteer group. The organization sprang from informal discussions after the last federal election resulted in a Harper Conservative majority with less than 40% of the popular vote. The “60% majority” now sees cherished institutions wrecked, environmental measures long in place eliminated, money spent on prison building (although the crime rate is  falling), among them.

Our members include members of three political parties along with many with no party affiliation. People of any political persuasion are welcome. The goal is basic electoral reform, to make every vote count, to revitalize Canadian democracy.

If you haven't already done so, sign our declaration at

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