City of Burnaby Directs Kinder Morgan to Stop Work that is Damaging Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area

City of Burnaby, Media Release, September 2, 2014 

The City of Burnaby has directed Kinder Morgan to stop work in the Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area. This morning, Kinder Morgan arrived with chainsaws and other tree-cutting equipment and began marking trees for removal in the Burnaby...

Nova Scotia to ban fracking

BRUCE ERSKINE, The Chronicle Herald, September 3, 2014

There will be no fracking in Nova Scotia.

Energy Minister Andrew Younger announced Wednesday that the Liberal government plans to introduce legislation in the fall prohibiting hydraulic fracturing in shale oil and gas projects...

The 25/60 rule says Harper can be re-elected in 2015

Duncan Cameron,, September 2, 2014 

Stephen Harper and his Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) can still win the next election, scheduled for October 2015. Yes, opinion polls have turned against the CPC. It's true many Canadians cannot abide Harper. And there is no great economic...

This Film Narrated By Leo DiCaprio Presents A Clear Climate Change Solution: Price Carbon

Leila Conners, Huffington Post,  August 22, 2014

Ahead of the 2014 UN Climate Summit on Sept. 23, "Carbon" attempts to move the debate forward, exploring how governments worldwide are putting a price on carbon through carbon trading or carbon taxes. "Carbon" is the first film in Green...

Federal government puts polar briefings on ice

Margaret Munro,, August 18, 2014

Federal scientists who keep a close eye on the Arctic ice would like to routinely brief Canadians about extraordinary events unfolding in the North.

But newly released federal documents show the Harper government has been thwarting their...

Unity for Climate

Joseph Boutilier rides his unicycle from Victoria, BC to Ottawa to promote unity for the climate

Unicyclist hopes to make climate crisis an election issue

John Bonnar,,...

France Allocates 10 Billion for Renewable Energy Projects

Kevin Smead - Renewables - Aug 04, 2014 

The bill that could set France on the path to renewable energy has passed the cabinet and will make its way to Parliament this fall.

Energy Minister Segolene Royal said that France will mobilize about €10 billion ($13.41 billion) for a...

Keystone Could Add 400% More CO2 Than State Dept Estimated

'Our simple model shows that...the pipeline's effect on oil prices could substantially increase its total GHG impact,' finds a peer-reviewed study.
By John H. Cushman Jr., InsideClimate News 

Building the Keystone XL pipeline to bring Canadian tar sands oil to refineries in the...

Feds expected to be flooded with mining proposals after gutting law: internal doc

Aug 6, 2014 by PressProgress

Well, this is unfortunate timing for the Harper government.

Under the cover of an omnibus budget bill in 2012, the Conservatives stripped 99% of lakes, rivers and streams of protection under the Navigable Waters Protection Act.

The gutting of the...

Mount Polley Waste Water Almost Drinkable: Mine President

Dene Moore, The Canadian Press  08/05/2014

Concerns raised in a report three years before a massive tailings pond breached at the Mount Polley gold and copper mine in central British Columbia were "basically ignored," said a First Nations leader whose territory has been soiled by the...