World Council Of Churches Divests From Fossil Fuels

The Huffington Post    By  Yasmine Hafiz, Jul 11,2014 

The World Council of Churches, which represents over 500 million Christians in more than 110 countries, has decided to divest from fossil fuels, reports The Guardian.

The WCC Central Committee, which includes religious...

How to decarbonise the global economy

Jeffrey D. Sachs,  July 8th, 2014

Today’s report on deep decarbonisation delivered to Ban Ki-moon, the UN Secretary-General, offers a new perspective on how countries can avoid dangerous climate change and achieve sustainable development. The report, produced by the Deep Decarbonisation...

Elizabeth May pitches electoral co-operation for next election

Green Party leader says neither the NDP nor the Liberals have replied to her offer
July 21,2014 CBC News
Green Party Leader Elizabeth May is offering to co-operate with the NDP and the Liberals when it comes to running candidates in the...

Addressing global warming is an economic necessity

By David Suzuki with contributions from David Suzuki Foundation Senior Editor Ian Hanington, Jul 10, 2014

Those who don't outright deny the existence of human-caused global warming often argue we can't or shouldn't do anything about it because it would be too costly. Take Prime Minister...

Germany debates new fracking ban

Louise Hazan July 8, 2014

On Friday, German Ministers laid out plans to ban hydraulic fracturing (or fracking) for shale gas, although anti-fracking campaigners believe plans for the new law should go much further.

In a press briefing, the Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel and...

The benefits of proportional representation

Jul 08, 2014 Shannon Adshade, co-chair,Fair Vote Canada — Waterloo Region Cambridge

Proportional representation's shortfalls — June 25

Peter Woolstencroft's letter perpetuates the ongoing distortion of proportional representation. I would like to offer clarification.


Here’s Why Al Gore Is Optimistic About the Fight Against Climate Change

July 07, 2014  By Todd Woody 

Al Gore has something of a reputation as the Cassandra of climate change. But amid the doom and gloom—melting glaciers, ever-rising carbon levels, accelerating species extinction—the former vice president has been positively sunny of late.

Why? Solar...

Pope Francis calls destruction of nature a modern sin

July 5, 2014

Pope Francis called for more respect for nature on Saturday, branding the destruction of South America's rain forests and other forms of environmental exploitation a sin of modern times.


Statement of the Joint PAS/PASS Workshop on Sustainable Humanity, Sustainable Nature: Our Responsibility

Stabilizing the Climate and Giving Energy Access to All with an Inclusive Economy

Source:The Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences 

Humanity has entered a new era. Our technological prowess has brought humanity to a crossroads. We are the inheritors of two centuries of remarkable...

The battle for PM is closer than we think

Paul Wells kicks off speculation on the 2015 federal election
Paul Wells July 4, 2014

Your Members of Parliament have fled Ottawa, snarling and barely coherent, to take the first flight back to their ridings. The mood in the capital is already the better for it. There’s a jazz...